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Safely Back HomeSafely Back Home™ is an innovative program that provides additional peace of mind to families and caregivers of people who wander. The Safely Back Home™ patent-pending process uses ID information imprinted on personal garments to help the public assist an individual who has become lost.

Safely Back Home custom imprints your loved one’s clothing with emergency contact information.  If your family member wanders, the custom imprint enables the public to help your family member get safely back home.

When an individual who wanders and appears lost is wearing a Safely Back Home™ imprinted garment, the person who finds them can quickly contact you with location details.

Safely Back Home™ custom imprinted garments provide additional safety for your family member.  You will know that they have YOUR contact information with them which can easily seen by rescuers.

Safely Back Home™ custom imprints either new or used personal clothing.  Imprints include emergency information to assist in the rescue.


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