About Us

Paul Jetter is the creator and founder of Safely Back Home™, providing additional peace of mind to families and caregivers of people who wander.

Paul’s passion started through his own experience with his father, who had dementia, and whose family became his father’s caregivers. Paul created the patent-pending process that uses ID information imprinted on the personal garments to be conveyed to an emergency call center, secure database and rescue operation.

Paul has 26 years experience in developing and marketing patented garment imprint transfer products distributed worldwide through major companies including Hewlett-Packard, Epson, Canon, Avery-Dennison and others.

Paul is also a certified New Jersey school teacher, in Math and Social Studies; a graduate of Rutgers University.

The Safely Back Home Program has been Developed to Serve:

Families with children or adults who wander due to Autism, Down Syndrome, brain injury or other cognitive disabilities.

Families enrolled in the Project Lifesaver program, with children and adults who tend to wander. The Safely Back Home garments serve as an additional layer of protection, complementing the tracking devices worn by family members.

Home caregiver providers, senior assisted living residences, nursing homes – for those individuals who tend to wander.Also for seniors concerned about losing their balance, falling and becoming unconscious.

Families with a family member who wanders due to Alzheimer’s, Dementia or other conditions involving memory-loss.

Schools for children with Autism, public schools, summer camps, homes for adults with Autism. In addition to everyday use, the Safely Back Home garments are especially useful for group field trips.

People with diabetes, epilepsy, severe allergies and other conditions involving the potential for seizures, black-outs or comas. The Safely Back Home program enables first responders to immediately access the medical information needed to assist the individual.


The Safely Back Home Board of Trustees and Advisory Committee are in the process of being established and will be published soon.