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Customized Garments for Organizations
Special Customized Garments for Organizations

Schools and Camps

In addition to everyday activities, the Safely Back Home™ garments are especially useful for Class Trips and Camp Field Trips. We offer custom printing of the school or camp’s logo-graphic on the front of the garments and the emergency contact phone number on the sleeve, with the Safely Back Home™ logo. The school or camp can also elect to have the individual’s family phone number or 911 imprinted on the garment.

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Centers; Adult Day Care Centers, At-Home Care Services

The Safely Back Home™ garments may be printed with or without the facility’s/company’s logo. The organization’s emergency phone number is printed on the shirtsleeve. Or, if preferred, the family’s emergency contact phone number or 911 may be imprinted on the garment.

On Site Printing of Favorite Older Garments/Mailing in Favorite Older Garments for Printing

Custom printing of an individual’s favorite “worn” clothing items (shirts, sweatshirts, winter jackets, pajamas, hats, etc.) can be printed on site, or at one of our public printing events (locations to be announced). Favorite “worn” clothing items will be professionally imprinted with emergency contact phone number(s).

“Worn” Clothing Printing Can Be Done Immediately By Shipping To:

Safely Back Home
37 Main Street, Suite 1056
Sparta, NJ 07871

Serving 47 States, Including All New Jersey Counties!

Serving families and facilities in which wandering is a problem. These include individuals with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Autism, Down’s Syndrome, and other Developmental Disabilities.